09 January 2009

Dixie's New Challenge

Joseph flips Dixie.
Not yet one year married to the fine Zach, our dear, darling, and dynamic Dixie finds herself raising four of other peoples' children. She's actually doing a fine job of it, but the sporadic influence of the biological parents is having a disquieting effect on the children and the traditions and customs which seem to comfort them in the House of Hessing. This threatens to throw Dixie for a loop.
Let us all be prayerful for Dixie and Zach as they strive to do what's best for these four munchkins. I believe that they're the two who were placed into the position in which they could do the most good for these particular children at this particular time. Surely Dixie has enough headaches. Let's put our faith together to see if we can't get things to be a little better for them.


nanajohanna said...

Thanks so much Jim.

Humphries said...

Well said Jim. Those kids are definately better off with Zach and Dixie.

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