17 December 2008

Haircut Day at the Pet Shop

A new lady has come to town and she's come to clip dog fur. She swings a pretty good clipper and hasn't left a nick on anybody yet that we know of. This is of some concern, because Mico's tender pink epidermis has often been offended by lesser groomers in the past.

Miss Sadie has a whole knew face. Her face had to be shorn short so that her food wouldn't stick in the fur and cause her to develop anti-social odors. It's a pretty short face, after all, and must needs be inserted pretty deeply into whatever she undertakes to intake. Herewith, a few photographic examples of their haircuts.

I'll also show you Sheryl's piece of 1891 Russian technology and my 1944, shorter version together.

Pssst! Mom likes me best!

Sadie, confident of her place in the little house she knows as "the world."

Miss Sadie auditions for the role of the new mascot on The Black Pearl.

Sheryl's 1891/30 Mosin-Nagant battle rifle with fixed bayonet.

Jim's M44 Mosin-Nagant carbine, folding bayonet fixed.


Eve said...

They are looking good! Nothing like a new hair cut to get you in the holiday mood. ;D

Autumn said...

The haircuts look great and everybody looks happy. I like the wood grains of your guys'rifles, too. Very, very pretty pair there--just like their owners. :) Love you guys!!!

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