12 October 2009

Mild Consternation

Did anyone besides Johanna manage to get through my last blog post? Perhaps it was just too serious. Or maybe it was just too darned verbose. Anyway, Johanna was the only one who responded to it which left me with the feeling that a limited number of things had occurred:

1) No one else could get to the end.
2) Others reached the end, disagreed with me, but were too polite to say so.
3) Many saw that it was a political subject and decided not to bother with it.
4) Many did read it and even felt some sympathy with my positions, but would rather not encourage the old guy by responding to his bleak view of the world.

I have waited a few extra days to give folks time to read it and respond to it, but nothing has been forthcoming. Let me simply say that I wrote that last post prayerfully and with very serious thought. I really was moved by the things which the people in John's email were saying in their London demonstration. I already know what John thinks. Johanna has responded. I think I'll give it a couple more days before I switch to another, more cheerful subject.


mindy said...

I think I am just "afraid" to share my opinion online ;)

Autumn said...

Hi Dad,

Haven't read any blogs for about a week now. Will hopefully read tonight and leave my thoughts. :)

Love you,

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