25 November 2008

Concentrating on the Good Stuff

Kali the Cuddly

The Book of Mormon in Croatian

Miss Sadie in the Wide, Wide World

Miles Brown and his Smile of Renown .

Seth and the famous face.

Lexi the Lilliputian.

Molly Susanne Haeberle

The One True Dix with her good husband, Zach.

We take lots of pills at our house. It's not as if we want to do this. The doctors insist. They seem to think that Type Two Diabetes and mini-strokes and being many pounds overweight and depressed over things you can't do anything about are bad things. Go figure!

But last night we had lots of fun. We ate supper with many members of the family in the Rexburg/St. Anthony area. My sweet niece Jennifer hosted the entire crowd at her home in Rexburg. The food was good. The company was even better. I'll attach some of the photos we took last night just in case anyone doubts how cute the kids are in our clan.

One more thing! Some of you know that I have a young Macedonian friend. His name is Mojso Popovski. He is 26 years old and has expressed interest in the Church and in the Book of Mormon. Earlier today I called our local Pocatello Mission office and asked them to order a copy of the Book of Mormon in one of the three languages Mojso says he can read: Serbian, Croatian, and Albanian. It has not yet been translated into Macedonian.

A few hours later, the same sister called me back to say that they had found a Croatian copy of the Book of Mormon in the basement of the mission office! No, I don't believe in coincidences any more, either. I believe that the Lord had it waiting there, perhaps for years, against the day He knew was coming when we'd need to have it for His work. I hope you'll all pray for my young friend Mojso so that he'll get a testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon as he reads it.


Humphries said...

What a good looking family we are. It looks like everyone had a good time at Jenny's, wish we could have been there.

Autumn said...

Hi Dad,
So glad everybody was able to get together last night!! I miss you all so much--especially our huge family gatherings.

It is so exciting for you to have found a Croation Book of Mormon, too! I will pray for your friend.


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