16 December 2009

Do I Have Anything New to Show You?

These are a few photos from the past 5 or 6 months which I haven't inflicted on you yet. Of course, most of these people are very easy on the eyes. For example...

Mellissa (sic) Bosen, our niece on Thanksgiving Day. She has at last decided to stop being a full-time heart breaker and settle down - with a younger man.

A sunset across the street from us.

Molly Susanne Haeberle.

Scintillating Sidnie, our niece.

Joseph & Mary's 2009 Christmas tree.

Penny takes advantage of the slow shutter speed of the phone/camera to do a little blurring.

Merry Matthew and Marvelous Mary

Antiquated Andrew (He's in kindergarten, you know.)

Dapper Dallin considers his next move in life.

Sheryl's brother, Larry Wilde. He's a long haul trucker and we only see him once a month, if that. When he got married to a woman many years ago who turned out to be quite shady, he was assisted in getting an almost immediate divorce by no less a personage than Gen'l. Colin Powell. Larry was doing something that the general needed to have done and trusted only Larry to do.

Mrs. Fast Horse, Zannita's mom. The whole clan is descended from Crazy Horse. Mrs. Fast Horse is a judge at Fort Hall.

Now these pictures above are some I took late in the summer. The faces are well known and well beloved in our group. I might be biased just a tad, but I think I see deep-seated goodness in all six pairs of eyes. Seven, actually. Mary's a good kid, too.


Heidi said...

These are all great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love you, ~Heidi~ :)

Humphries said...

What wonderful pictures Jim, thanks for sharing.

Autumn said...

I always love your pictures so much, Dad. I hadn't realized Zannita's mom was a judge! I'm impressed by that AND her lineage. Cool cats in that family. :) Love you!

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