22 August 2009

A Family Picnic at Alameda Park

The food was about average, which means pretty darned good. There were some rarely seen members of the clan there, hovering uncomfortably around the edges, grubbily or less than morally dressed and smoking cigarettes, but still very pleasant when spoken to. There are lots of very good people in this clan into which I married seven years ago. This small reunion was held last Sunday.

We stopped at a car lot to look around as we drove home. Sales personnel don't hassle you on Sundays.

Sheryl's brother Dennis married into this beauty of a step-daughter, a Junior this year where her mom, Vickie, teaches at Highland High.

Noreen Wilde, wife of Darrell and grandmother to Philip.

Uncle "Babe's" lovely grandchild.

Mellissa Bosen, eldest of Teresa's children. She teaches grade school in Utah and may actually have broken more hearts than Autumn!

Sheryl's brother Darrell's first grandchild, Philip Barela.

Natalie Bybee, daughter of Sheryl's brother Darrell.

Sheryl's sister, Teresa, right, and cousin Donna, daughter of Uncle "Babe."

An extra large family member who brought some cousins along.


Autumn said...

PHILLIP!! Happy to see my little prince is just as adaorable and chubby as ever! :D Love that little guy even if he doesn't care or know I exist.

Happy for you all to be able to spend some quality time together.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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