01 April 2009

Dirty Trucks and Clean Rifles.

Dave Wilkins, honorable high priest and Viet Nam War survivor, let me drive him around on his business trips for several days recently. By the time we got home from Wyoming, this was the condition of the truck. But it never balked or gave us a minute's worth of trouble.

There were pictures at the range of Sheryl shooting with her 1891/30 Russian battle rifle, but she forbad their publication. So you'll see Aric Armell shooting his similar but much shorter 1891/59 and ventilating a green detergent jug with it at 100 yards.

We got the Armells to come to Sacrament Meeting in another ward last week. It was a thrill to have them there.

We took in a session at the Rexburg Temple tonight. Very sweet experience. I saw several people of my former acquaintance.


Autumn said...

It looks like you had a great time at the range the other day! That is also nice you were able to go to the Rexburg Temple the other day, too. Who all did you see?

Love you,

Becca and Jon said...

Geez mom! It won't hurt to have your picture taken & put on here! J/K :)-

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