18 May 2009

Lest We Forget!~ We "Gun Nuts" Are Still Sincere

The overpowering majority of us are good people. About 80 million Americans own about 200 million firearms. Just the reputation of our being an armed nation has avoided invasion as recently as WW II.
Our new president said he wouldn't take away our firearms. No, he's leaving that to the new Attorney General and to Nancy Pelosi. I send along many, though not all, of the articles I receive showing that the threat to our Second Amendment rights is still very real. This is not an example of crying wolf when there really is no danger. Please take the time to read some of the articles I forward by email. Click on some of the links that come with them. You'll see chat room comments which show how mild and reasonable I and my friends really are compared to some very angry people out there who believe that the government is nearing a time when it will violate the Fourth (coming door to door without warrant) to get rid of the Second. And the thing is, it's getting harder and harder to argue with them. The Attorney General has made it plain for years that, if he had his way, the American people would be disarmed. Please recall that a state (nation-state) in which only the police may be armed is a police-state. Trust me when I say, you wouldn't like living in one of those.
Jim tries the set trigger on the 9.3x62.

Tibbs tries Aric's Russian carbine.

Aric tries some gong shooting with the 109 year old Swedish Mauser.

Joseph under recoil.

My Stainless Steel Ruger Single-Six in .22 WMR.
Jed Lewis attends a Haeberle Schuetzenfest.

Jake and Haeberbuddy meet at the scheutzenfest.

Why some cartridges were invented.

Joseph with his Chinese SKS.

Miles with my .45-70, Joseph with his AR-15.

Joseph and The Toddler check .22 hits.

The Haeberle boys share Uncle Alan's .22 WMR Marlin.

Near Troy, Joseph tries out his first .22 rifle.

Sheryl tries out her Russian battle rifle for the first time.

My 1896 Swedish Mauser, made in 1900.

1 comment:

Autumn said...

Don't worry Dad, I read all the articles you send me, and I know you are no extrmist. Keep 'em comin'. :)

On a lighter note, I was CRACKING UP at all of the names used on our family friends in these pictures!!!! Haeberbuddy for Jed and The Toddler for Todd Thompson. I was laughing my head off!! Thanks for that and also for all the great pictures, as always!

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